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He created Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, andThe X-Men. Now he's launching his boldestcreation of all: The 7th Portal! If you thinkStan's a madman now, wait until you see whathappens when comics meets animation meetsthe Internet. It'll blow you away! But don't takeit from us; read what Stan the Man said about it himself in our recent chats.

The first transcript below is from a chat with Stan on October 7, 1999. The second transcriptis from an earlier chat on June 16, 1999.


Transcript from October 7, 1999 chat:

SueDM: Welcome to ZineZone and TalkCity, Stan. You must be pretty psyched about the upcoming The 7th Portal!

Stan: I surely am...I've been psyched for months now. We are almost there now...and yes, that's psyched, not psycho. I've ALWAYS been psycho!

Tracey35TheGrrrl: What's different about writing a strip for newspapers as opposed to writing one for the Internet?

Stan: When you write for the papers, you only have two or three panels a day so you have to condense it. On the Internet you have more time and room and freedom. For the comics I did one complete story a day when I was writing. I would do a Spider-Man one day, a Silver Surfer another day...I stopped in the early '70's when I became a publisher, then I spent most of my time traveling and lecturing, promoting Marvel Comics and myself. LOL

TryMe: Why do you think people like super heroes so much?

Stan: I think people have always liked characters that were bigger than life. I know as a kid I liked Robin Hood, King Arthur, Frankenstein, and Ulysses. People like things with a touch of fantasy, imaginative things, heroic things...and you get those with superhero stories. I made the superheroes like me - human. (Hard to believe, ain't it? But yes, I'm human!) As for the new project, The 7th Portal, it's the same genre as The X-Men. There are seven good guys and seven bad guys to start. We will be introducing more on each side as we go on.

Ffrank45: Stan, may I just say that I've enjoyed your work for years! Now that I'm older it still appeals, since you have

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